Underland of Narnia

Sailing in the Cavernsea soon became popular in northern Narnia. Soon enough (around the middle of the reign of King Rilian) a little town, or rather a pair of little towns were formed in that area. The twin towns of Cavernmouth and Cavernport, Cavernmouth above ground, around the cavern entrance in northern Narnia and Cavernport underground on the nearest shore of the Cavernsea. Being underground, Cavernport was founded and primarily populated by Dwarfs, Moles and Half-Dwarfs, while Cavernmouth had a wide variety of inhabitants.

By late in the reign of King Rilian however, Cavernport was also home to a number of badgers, mice and fawns and even some dryads. It was afterall a freshwater sea, for the most part however, dryads prefered flowing water and daylight.

Owls came visiting frequently, but very few lived there. They were comfortable in the dark, but liked to have an open sky and the nightbreezes of the overland to fly and hunt in, they said.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t until the beginning of the reign of King Edmund II (whom Rilian named after King Edmund I of the Golden Age, who had sailed with his father Caspian the Seafarer to the world’s end) that any talking bats settled in Cavernport. So it wasn’t until around the middle of the reign of Edmund II, that any bats joined the sailors. And it was only the bat’s sonar that was able to find the islands that previous sailors, Narnians and Underlanders before them, must have sailed past many times before and missed in the dark.

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Altering the Altar

In the Old Testament, pre-Mosaic, altars were used for 2 purposes. Sacrifice and memorials of moments of intimacy with God.

In Mosaic Law, it was similar, there were 2 altars for 2 different purposes. The golden incense altar in the most Holy part of the tabernacle behind the veil was for intimacy with God. The altar of sacrifice was primarily because of our sin being a barrier to intimacy with God, the reason why the incense altar was all but inaccessible. So the altar of sacrifice was used for sacrifice, for sin offerings, an animal to pay the death penalty for sin so that a person might not be completely cut off from God. Although it was also used for fellowship offerings to God, which, outside of the festivals, was the closest most people got to intimacy with God.

When God’s own Son came down, lived as a human and then made himself the ultimate sin offering, the need for the altar of sacrifice was over because the barrier to the other altar, of incense and intimacy, was removed, hence the veil was torn at his death, not only that, but he rose to life again so that the only thing remaining now to put to death at the altar is death itself. As for fellowship offerings, that is where we offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God, to be in permanent fellowship with him.

Jesus ‘altered’ the purpose of the Altar.

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My first thought was wondering if the death of David and Bathsheba’s firstborn was a prophetic pointer to easter, the son of the king dying for another’s sin, but it may not be. then I realised that the more interesting thing was that the line by which David recieved the promise of his heir/s sitting on his throne for ever, was the line of Solomon whom he had by Bathsheba, which marrage came of his sin. The line also (in Mattew) of Jesus, who did die for our sin, who “became sin for us”, was indirectly from David’s sin.

Then the same train of thought led me to thinking about Jesus line before David. Reuben, while viewing Joseph as annoying but innocent of any crime deserving of death, tried to save Joseph. Judah, when Benjamin, as far as he knew may have actually been guilty of a crime for which they had initially suggested that death was deserved, not only offered but requested that he might take Benjamin’s place and pay the penalty for Benjamin’s crime. He also had previously suggested that his own sons might be surety for Benjamin. From the tribe who had this self-sacrificing example in their history, came the promised one who made the ultimate self-sacrifice, who did pay the penalty for all who believe in him.

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Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 3

The carter parked his cart in the yard and unhitched the oxen. He seemed to trust them enough without tying them up. Then they followed him in. That’s where things started to get a bit more strange.

“In what way?” I asked.

“There weren’t just humans in the inn. People bringing their pets you might expect, but I don’t mean pets.” He replied “But even the pets were strange.”

Such as what looked like a miniature taniwha that someone had sitting on their shoulder. Creatures that didn’t belong not just didn’t belong in this part of the world, but didn’t belong in the real world at all, expect in stories, and others that didn’t belong in this time, such as what looked like a moa but smaller, then his ecologist friend pointed out that there had been many smaller species of moa as well before they had been hunted to extinction. Other strangeness included the large, apparently English speaking tui that was singing in the band. So when the Bar Minotaur asked for their orders, they were hardly surprised.

Their carter friend then came over to introduce them.

“Evening Boris. These are some travelers I met on the road. Boris is an old friend, my Bessie is a cousin of his. She’s a talker but Betsy’s a quiet. Bessie keeps an eye on her when I’m away though.”

“Bessie and Betsy…”

“By talker you mean…”

“My two hard working cart pullers by agreement. Bessie can talk… wait a minute. You must have come across the border. I remember hearing that there’s one around here. Boris, I think they came over the border! You ask them about it. You’re better at that sort of thing.”

“Did you stumble in from the world of Science and Electrics and inteynets?”

Boris asked them carefully. “Is it your first time?”

They hesitantly confirmed that this was the case.

“Humans do occasionally. You could settle down somewhere around here, or if you want to learn a bit more about the world, enough to be able to return home you’ll want to head to town. Not just the village, the big town. Although you’ll be going through the village on the way, my cousin on the other side runs the inn there. The Village Crescent, us minotaurs aren’t very imaginative with names I’m afraid.”

“You might even want to go exploring.” Added the carter. “My uncle did that. Just don’t explore too much near the edge though. Dangerous place is the edge. Beautiful but dangerous.”

“Are you heading on to the village tomorrow John?”

“That I am mate.” said the carter.

“John can give you a lift as far as the village tomorrow and my cousin can probably give you free board tomorrow night, new border travellers will be popular. If you need something to sell then your news will be a popular currency.”


So they went with John the carter to the village and stayed at The Village Crescent.

They met the village school teacher, who turned out to be knowledgeable enough to fuel their curiosity.

“There are quite a few cracks between your world and this.” He said after he’d found out that they were not only travellers but new across the border.

“Sometimes our world has major cities or kingdoms near these borders. Such as Atlantis, or the famous Kingdom of Stormhold near your world’s village of Wall in … what do you call it? Angleland?

You can learn more from some of the places in town, the little college, the postal guildhouse and probably other travellers too. Actually, I think they have a resident wizard at the moment, he can probably tell you a bit as well.”


Barry the innkeeper at the Village Crescent arranged their travel to town, after they agreed to tell a story at the inn in the evening, and said that his sister could probably get them rooms at the inn in town.

“The town Crescent?” They asked.

“She works there. She don’t own the place.”

“The Crescent is a popular inn name specifically with minotaurs?”

“Not just inns mate, taverns too. Our horns sort of make a crescent see?”

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Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 2

After they had been following the road downstream for a few minutes, they heard a rumbling behind them. They turned and saw an ox drawn cart coming towards them from the direction of the mountain.

“Heading to the inn?” Asked the carter “Climb in. If you’ll excuse the pun.”

Still confused by their new surroundings, and probably looking slightly dazed, they did as the carter invited.

“I’ve just been taking supplies to the mine, as I do. You been hunting? Looks like you didn’t have much luck. Or are you travelers?

Tell you want. The innkeeper’s a friend of mine so I’ll shout you a meal for tonight, I can probably sort you a room as well. If you’re hungry now I’m afraid all I’ve got is some of those nice nuts that grow near the mine.”

The carter turned out to be quite friendly and talkative. They however, were still quietened by their new experience.


After an hour or so they arrived at a public house of some sort, presumably the inn. The sign outside called it The Mountain Crescent. It had a yard and stables to one side and a vege garden to the other side.

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Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 1

He said that he had been geocaching with some friends, when they had stumbled into some place with no GPS fix. Not even any reception of any kind. And that it had taken them some time to find their way back out to the land of reception and GPS.

“How long is Some?” I asked him.

“Well… that is a story.” He replied.


They had soon come upon a clearing, that wasn’t mentioned on the map, and saw a large mountain, where there was only supposed to be low hills.

The mountain that shouldn’t exist gave them a landmark to navigate by, now that they had no GPS.

Then they found a tiny trickle of a creek, flowing down across one corner of the clearing, which gave them something to follow.

They followed the trickle, with the mountain on their right, until it was joined by another, then followed the larger trickle until it was joined by another tiny creek and a track.

The track eventually took them to a dirt road, alongside what was now a stream.

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Settling in the Winds

The first ci’ship was named Foundation. While the name sort of made sense for starting a colony, it was mostly a joke. After all, not only was it a ci’ship, ie without any foundation, it was also sailing on a gas giant, with no ground to use as a foundation. They had eventually settled on Uranus, because of buoyancy and because of the interesting thermal columns with potential for power generation opportunities.

Now, in the (2nd/3rd?) generation, the descendents of the mixed Martian and Elven initial population called themselves either Teleri or Sindar, depending on whom you asked. Teleri the Sailing Elves referring to the obvious fact that they were Elves in ships or Sindar the Grey Elves being a mix of Martian and Elven as well as being further from the sun. The namesakes were related anyway and some were suggesting to leave Teleri for when Saturn might be colonised.

The dialect was gradually starting to not only merge but even shift as well, from Martian and Uranus Orbit Elven, as had to be specified now. The Martian dialect of course, as the second oldest solar dialect, came from the original Dwarven dialect, except that the dwarves have more than one language, and so there was some linguistic variety in the founding of Mars although subsequent shifts were only natural shifts. The various Elven dialects and sub-dialects came from both Dwarves and Martians, but the shifts were partly artificial. Once the Elves started calling themselves Elves, they started to incorporate into common use, words from the artificial languages devised by the ancient dwarf writer from before they were called dwarfs. Tolkien the Scholar. In England on Earth, where stories grow old.


They had brought Foundation down to circle around one of the equatorial thermal columns. The equator was the best place to start on a barrel rolling planet, otherwise you’d get nearly half an orbit of darkness. Already they had finished recycling the aerobrake faring and were working on constructing their second ci’ship with both the recycled faring and material donations from the colonisation contributors. One suggestion for the name was M`ore Brithil, the Black Pearl, a mix of Quenya and Sindarin, another was to bring in some Norse mythology and call it Jotunheim. One of the most popular suggestions was to name it after one of the Narnian islands or one of the cities thereof, such as Narrowhaven, and follow with a series of ci’ships with the same naming pattern.

This one wouldn’t be quite as big as Foundation, but it would be big enough, and hopefully soon they’d be able to start trading for materials for more ci’ships.


The Anari were already expanding their industry. Venus had originally been colonised simply to see if it could be. The same as Uranus. So it’s industries hadn’t been planned at the start. It already had some before the planning of Uranus however, and was now expanding, presumably hoping to climb to equal standing with the other players in the solar economy. Hopefully Uranus would eventually follow suit, it would probably need to at least be self funding before any other gas giant would be colonised.

The Anari of course had made their industries primarily based on mining the various substances which made Lower Venus so dangerous, such as Sulfuric acid and some sulfates as well as a bit of deuterium, to sell to processing branches of major industrial groups such as the Dwarves or Asteroid Industries. This mining however required either dive craft or crane ships to quickly access Lower Venus and return, and while it generated income for the Anari economy, it generally wasn’t especially we efficient. Now though, they had apparently diversified into processing as well, and there were rumors that they were planning something called Minas Perelandara.

The Sindar could probably consider selling a little bit of deuterium as well. However they would need to start exploring a bit more before setting in their initial industry. More thorough exploration than the pre-colonial exploration. Of course any new colony had some tourism opportunities as well.

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