A holohorse?

The object was in his pocket as he hummed a tune and as he practiced songs.

It was in his pocket when he stopped in a village for the night and sang at the tavern.

It was in his pocket as he continued around the different villages, playing, practicing and sometimes composing.

One night, as he slept in a nearly empty old barn, it fell out of his pocket. In the morning, as he was practicing a song, a holohorse appeared. He stopped playing and after a couple of seconds it disappeared. He started playing again and it reappeared. He continued playing while watching the holohorse if he looked at it directly for too long it seemed to flinch and waver. He stopped playing again and this time it waited a few seconds longer before disappearing. He examined the floor where the holohorse had been standing and found a strange small object, checking his pocket he realised that it was his. Since he had been playing for a while and he was starting to get hungry, he put it back in his pocket and went to look for some breakfast.

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