Robby the bard

First, for readers unfamiliar, what is a Holohorse?

They are Horse-like creatures apparently living, but able to phase through solid objects and even, if they choose, to disappear entirely, leaving only their Holochip (although this could be quite a vulnerable state). Perhaps a good description would be to say that they are able to choose when they are made of light and when they are composed of solid matter. This of course would make them quite difficult to tame.


Lord Sir Robert the Rider was then just known as Robby. Even the basic powers of the holohorses were less well known then. The existence of the Holochip, and the vunerability that this meant for the holohorses, was not known. Holding a Holochip however, was not the same as actually Taming a holohorse, when it reappeared it still wouldn’t permit you to ride it.

Nonetheless, Robby, although he loved watching the holohorses, didn’t originally set out to tame one.

Robby was a bard, but while most bards preferred to remain indoors away from the weather, Robby loved the outdoors.

One day while walking between villages, he stopped and sat to watch a herd of holohorses. They gradually happened to move slightly closer as they grazed, until he stood up suddenly and they vanished. As this was simply something that holohorses were known to do he decided to continue on his way, but stopped when he noticed some strange small object on the ground. He picked it up, put it in his pocket and went on his way.

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