A Mess of Time

The Time War had affected many races and worlds that were not participants, such as this world. It was now however, all but forgotten. But it’s scars were not. Strange mixes of different technologies, many of which may as well be described as magic to those who hadn’t studied the science behind it. Then there was also sometimes the strange ‘creatures’, resulting from either these technologies, or the Time War itself. The exact origins of most of these anomalies are more thoroughly forgotten than the Time War, which few remember even as a name for the ‘historic event’ (although such a term is difficult to apply for any time travel action), although the terms ‘Twarish’ and ‘Tmarian’ did develop, by different meshings of the 2 words. The terms are now used, effectively to describe the origin of, by use as categories for, the anomalies left behind eg ‘Twarish magic’ or ‘Tmarian creatures’.


Neither the Time War nor time travel nor any direct effects thereof come into this story. Just the Anomalies.

Especially the Holohorses.

In later eras the deeds and powers of them and their riders, the Holo-knights, became fabric of legends.

For now however, I will try to spin a tale of their beginning. The first time a wild Holohorse was tamed and ridden.

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