The Vent

Well before the ship got too close to the cone, the bats found that it had beaches to land at. As they got even closer, they echoed a scattering of some mushroom tree things and even what seemed to be one or two huts.

Once the ship was close enough to see the shore of the cone island, they saw a few lights on the beach, then they noticed what looked like figures.

The figures soon seemed to notice the ship and started waving at it. When the ship got close enough, the figures helped them land, and then introduced themselves as Grog, Blog, Golg and Brundergrum, who it turned out was the daughter of Mullugutherum.

The same Golg and Mullugutherum who had been first to meet the overlanders after they had defeated the slaver empress and had been warden under her. Golg was very old now and had needed “a bit” of assistance from the younger gnomes with the climb, although all gnomes were reasonable climbers.

They had found, with help from the salamanders, a vent from Bism, all the way to Cavernsea or “the shallow lands” as they called it.

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