Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 5

“You may as well head towards the Rim then,” said their minotauress friend at the inn that evening “keep both options open. Even if you’re​ going down anyway, you might like to see one or two of the Rim Kingdoms on the way. Just stay away from Krull, they’re a sort of a pirate kingdom. They’re not too close to here though.”

“How do we get there?” They asked.

“There’s probably a postal cart going that way. You could even sign up as casual Guild associates. Some travellers do you know. Or internships. Just as an affordable way to travel.”


So they decided the next morning to go visit the local office of this Postal Guild that they’d heard so much about. They were given forms to sign and lessons and lectures to listen to, they were given maps to study, mostly local, and short tests to sit. Then they practiced sorting mail for a few hours with a basic lunch provided part way through. Then after an afternoon tea of something like scroggin they were given some time to check out of the inn and bring their bags to the guild dorm.

“If that was just to become casual Guild associates, then what does it take to sign up to be apprenticed as full guild members?”

“Oh, not much more to start with. You’d get more training as you go.”


They didn’t have much baggage, having stumbled into this strange world by accident, so once they’d checked out of the inn they took a more scenic route around the town back to the guildhouse.

That evening, after dinner, they were fitted for their official Associate Postmen’s Boots. You could tell the rank and experience of a postman, they were told, by the quality of their boots, or apparently even by the strength of enchantment on their boots, if you had an eye for magical details. The true veterans for example had the privilege of wearing Seven League Boots.

The next morning, they had more practice sorting mail. In the afternoon, they sorted the real mail for their trip the next day. Mostly larger packages. The small stuff,  ie letters, was generally taken by foot, apparently even for long distance

Then they remembered that the feet in question were presumably wearing enchanted boots.

“You probably wouldn’t even need Seven League Boots for most inter-town stuff.” One​ of them said “When you think about how long seven leagues actually is…”

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