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Underland of Narnia: The Cone

A Narnian ship was sailing in the Cavernsea, much further west than most voyages went, but not much further north than Cavernport. Three bats were with them, although they hadn’t echoed any islands recently. Suddenly Wingsong Echo echoed something conical … Continue reading

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My Faith, Our Faith, Shield of Faith

In Ephesians, Paul refers to faith as a shield. We know various types of shield, the kite shield popular among medieval Knights (especially in movies), the sci-fi force-field often referred to as a shield as well as the shields which … Continue reading

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Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 5

“You may as well head towards the Rim then,” said their minotauress friend at the inn that evening “keep both options open. Even if you’re​ going down anyway, you might like to see one or two of the Rim Kingdoms … Continue reading

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