Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 4

“So you come from Round World? Where ‘Down’ is relative?”

They were at the college, talking with some of the teachers, including the local wizard, who was a part time teacher.

“Within the geography of your world, ours would look like a number of isolated cracks on the ball. In our world, yours is like a plate with cracks leading in. But the cracks have different relative positions in the different worlds.

It’s complicated. More complicated than even I understand. But you may find that getting back isn’t so simple. I’ve heard that the cracks might even move, but I’m not sure how that works.”

“There might be a school in one of the bigger cities that could help them.”

“Not likely. All the cities and little kingdoms in the cracks are usually focus on petty squabbles.”

“Maybe one of the Rim kingdoms then?”

“Possibly, but I heard that some of the kingdoms down in the near Surroundlands have big universities with real academic focus.”

“Rim Kingdoms? We heard of the ‘Edge’ as well…” they asked the teachers

“The cracked plate is on a round table only slightly larger than the plate.” replied one teacher.

“And the table is called Mount Earth.” another added.

“The Surroundlands?”

“The ‘Lands’ that ‘Surround’ Mount Earth.” Was the slightly condescending reply.

They enquired as to why they had been warned against the Rim.

“Oh, you do have to be careful on the Rim, and follow safety procedures if you intend to go down. And obviously don’t enter the water anywhere near the Rimfall.”

“People have been washed over before.”

“But it’s perfectly safe if you follow the safety procedures.”

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