Underland of Narnia

Sailing in the Cavernsea soon became popular in northern Narnia. Soon enough (around the middle of the reign of King Rilian) a little town, or rather a pair of little towns were formed in that area. The twin towns of Cavernmouth and Cavernport, Cavernmouth above ground, around the cavern entrance in northern Narnia and Cavernport underground on the nearest shore of the Cavernsea. Being underground, Cavernport was founded and primarily populated by Dwarfs, Moles and Half-Dwarfs, while Cavernmouth had a wide variety of inhabitants.

By late in the reign of King Rilian however, Cavernport was also home to a number of badgers, mice and fawns and even some dryads. It was afterall a freshwater sea, for the most part however, dryads prefered flowing water and daylight.

Owls came visiting frequently, but very few lived there. They were comfortable in the dark, but liked to have an open sky and the nightbreezes of the overland to fly and hunt in, they said.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t until the beginning of the reign of King Edmund II (whom Rilian named after King Edmund I of the Golden Age, who had sailed with his father Caspian the Seafarer to the world’s end) that any talking bats settled in Cavernport. So it wasn’t until around the middle of the reign of Edmund II, that any bats joined the sailors. And it was only the bat’s sonar that was able to find the islands that previous sailors, Narnians and Underlanders before them, must have sailed past many times before and missed in the dark.

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