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Supporting those he sends

What did Jesus teach? When Jesus sent out the 12 in Matthew 10.9,10 and the 70 in Luke 10.7 he says that they shouldn’t need to support themselves but should be supported by those that they teach. Basically teaching local … Continue reading

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Tales from Mount Earth and Surroundlands part 4

“So you come from Round World? Where ‘Down’ is relative?” They were at the college, talking with some of the teachers, including the local wizard, who was a part time teacher. “Within the geography of your world, ours would look … Continue reading

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Underland of Narnia

Sailing in the Cavernsea soon became popular in northern Narnia. Soon enough (around the middle of the reign of King Rilian) a little town, or rather a pair of little towns were formed in that area. The twin towns of … Continue reading

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Altering the Altar

In the Old Testament, pre-Mosaic, altars were used for 2 purposes. Sacrifice and memorials of moments of intimacy with God. In Mosaic Law, it was similar, there were 2 altars for 2 different purposes. The golden incense altar in the … Continue reading

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