Notes on the races of the Solar system

I’m better at creating worlds/universes than making plot for them, this I felt would fit well in the form of someones notes and observations, however I’ve always wondered about the best way to translate elves and dwarves into scifi.
I may add more later, eg notes on other races.

(Nb. Here Dwarves refers to the Dwarvish race while Dwarfs refers to individuals of that race, the same applies to Elves and Elfs)

The Dwarves of Earth are a strange race, especially when one considers that their claim, that theirs is the ancestral or original Human Race. The tallest members of the subspecies barely reach 2 metres tall. Some of them begin to get clumsy even in the Martian gravity well, all of them become clumsy in any gravity well smaller than that of Mars and are completely uncoordinated in microgravity, even compared to the Martians. Even with training on Mars or Luna, none of them ever reach the agility of the Asteroid Elves or Elves of the Gas Giants’ moons, although their physical strength is, as one would expect of their ridiculous gravity well, very high.
They need frequent reminders of the most basic precautions of sealed living, lacking even the habits that Martians learn as children. Yet their industries, including those that relate to space travel (as they and sometimes the Martians, specify for what we simply call ‘travel’), rival even groups such as Asteroid Industries and the industrial branch of the Elven Union. What’s more, most of those Dwarfs who choose to leave their own planet are often less phased by unexpected situations than many Elfs.

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One Response to Notes on the races of the Solar system

  1. Simon says:

    Nice concepts. I can see your logic and where insperation has been drawn. And i like 🙂

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