Sexual Purity

I’ve been told by the blog roll (a group of friends blogging together) to blog about sexual purity. And so, since by coincidence I have just had a conversation with the vice principal here about the same, I should probably begin. I will try to cover, why waiting till marriage is best, results of sexual impurity and divorce and a little on the appropriateness of clothing.

Sexual Impurity affects the way we think about sex and the opposite sex, and that effect is negative. Porn for example (including alot of advertising these days) treats women (and perhaps occasionally men) as objects, and encorages its viewers to do the same. The way you think about the opposite sex affects your relationships with them, romantic or not and how you think about sex will affect your marriage.

However, while these things are obiously bad, I agree with my fellow blog roller ( that the main reasons that waiting until marriage is best is that God tells us to and designed us that way. But there is also more explaination to support this, 1) God loves us and wanted what is best for us, 2) God is omniscient and he made us so he knows what is best for us 3) God’s laws are usually for a good reason. But we should be honoring and obeying God because we love him, because we trust him and because he is God. Disobeying God and not trusting him is going to affect your relationship with him.

Divorce. Jesus said that Moses only allowed divorce because we’re so broken. He said that the only reason was in the case of adultery but he also teaches forgiveness and God gives us the story of Hosea as an analogy of God’s forgiveness and redemtion of his people, but husbands are also instructed by Paul, to love their wives as Christ loved the church. There is some american divorce lawyer moviewhere all I can remember is the main male character making the point that many couples put more effort into winning the court battle than into saving their marriage. Apparently in Burma this is simplified with 80% of the wealth going to the ex wife, since in my opinoin the only reason for divorce should be in the case of abuse and such cases seem to nearly always have the male as the agressor, the way they sort it out in burma seems to be a good idea, so long as it doesn’t cause marrying for money.

Lastly, is there such thing as inappropriate clothing or being inappropriately dressed? “Woe to anyone who causes one of these little ones to sin. It would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and to be cast into the ocean.” Yes, someone else’s sin is their own sin, but what do you want around your neck? What is on the clothing can be sometimes as bad as or worse as how much it doesn’t cover, considering it could also be offensive in other ways such as racism. Also, why do you dress the way you do (whether appropriately or not)? How does the way you think affect the way you dress? And how does the the way you dress affect the way you think? About yourself, about others, about sex and about God? And actually lastly this time, would this culture, giving the impression that one needs to be inapproprately dressed in order to be attractive, be less effective if we complemented each other more on approprate clothing?

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2 Responses to Sexual Purity

  1. Daniel says:

    I think the whole `causing people to sin by dressing immodestly` is overstated guilt-tripping 99% percent of the time. Most (all?) of the references to immodesty in dress were about being showy and extravagant with wealth. Causing people to sin is really something you can only be responsible for when consciously and willfully meaning to.

    How can you be held responsible for the sinfulness of others if regardless of what you wear people manage to sin. (it must suck to be an attractive christian teenage girl, is what I’m saying. boys are all lusting after you and it must be your fault because if you just wore more clothes (ignore the heat, that’s too form-fitting still) you wouldn’t be causing your good christian brothers to sin).

  2. fredjimbob says:

    Sorry, I was intending to mention but then forgot, I don’t think inappropriate clothing applies only to girls, although being a guy I only experience one side of it, I don’t assume that its the only side, and I also forgot to mention that I’m not against dressing to the climate/weather (I am in thailand after all). But minimising clothing for the purpose of making yourself attractive, well Terry Pratchett in Pyramids, although I can’t quote it exactly, had a good point that minimal clothing isn’t the only way or necceserally the best way to make oneself attractive. While causing others to sin shouldn’t be taken too far, minimal clothing is fairly obvious depending on where you draw the line. Perhaps I implied that “Inappropriate clothing” covered alot of clothing, I dont think that what’s worn in public is a huge problem (not compared to media) what I’m more intending to complain about is the culture of minimal clothing and the attempt to justify it by saying that there’s no such thing as inappropriate clothing. Perhaps I could have worded it better, so sorry for that and also any grammatical and spelling errors in that and this.

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