More biblical reflections

I was reading Proverbs 8 and especially where wisdom talks about being with God during creation, during everything he made and “was daily His delight”. What wisdom was God using while creating? I’m guessing its the wisdom he was using while setting in place the laws of physics, while setting up our geology and geography, while giving properties to every atom and molecule and while setting up how DNA would be replicated and what proteins would do what with which other proteins and non-protein cellular components in what context and environment. And He enjoyed it! I reckon this bit of proverbs is just about how much God loves science and how much fun it was inventing it.

Proverbs 9. Wisdom and foolishness are both personified and both are inviting people to eat and drink with them, to share a meal with them, to socialize, to befriend them. Is this to warn the reader to be careful as to who they befriend? Possibly, as in other chapters Proverbs warns not to join others in doing evil. Psalms also talks about not eating with those who do evil. But How do you be careful who you befriend while at the same time loving others as God loves us? I suppose that there’s varying degrees of friendship, but does this mean that christians shouldn’t have any close friends that aren’t christians? Or should we just take our friends perspective into account when considering advice they give etc?

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