Yeah, its Monday. finished work slightly late, but compared to last monday today was a good monday.
SPCA tomorrow 🙂

Tolerance is a current blogroll topic so how about I write about that for a bit.

I don’t recall the Bible ever mentioning tolerance, and if tolerance means not having an opinion then we (christians) are definitely not called to tolerate. We are however called to Love. The bible does say a lot about Love. That is another blog post though. Tolerance and love aren’t mutually exclusive, but they definitely aren’t the same thing. How to live this out? Prioritise Love, Love is the most important. You don’t need to tell everyone how intolerant you are, but don’t be afraid to disagree with someone. If you get people hating on you for having an opinion, then make sure its God that you’re suffering for and lean on him. But try to love the person you’re disagreeing with as well as disagreeing with them, because Love is the most important.

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