Went to bed~midnight list night shortly after my old boss asked me to start work at 6 am this morning. I ended up doing 2 hours for them just to cover the breakfast and going straight to church after, since she was paying for my taxi. Taxing is a new experience for me.

Had an Australian Guest speaker (Lucas Connell) at church this morning. Using the story of Saul, Jonathon, Mephibosheth and David as an example of what God did for us and how Mephibosheth being cripple would have had David’s servants carry him to the palace (as God’s servants ie us need to do for others).

Then in the afternoon/evening helped a friend pick up some furniture and deliver some other furniture from his collection.

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2 Responses to Sunday

  1. Polly says:

    Did you sit up front or in back? Toughest first taxi experience decision

  2. fredjimbob says:

    front. if driver disagrees he can tell me

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